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How to Prepare for Car Shipping Seattle


There are many things you need to put right in getting ready for car shipping Seattle. It is obvious that you may not want to drive all the way from Seattle to Tampa or from New York City to San Francisco if you want your car to arrive at your destination before your arrival at the new place. On the other hand, if you just buy your automobile online and want to transport it to Seattle, you need the service of a car shipping company to help you.

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It is noteworthy that car shipping to anywhere you need cannot just cost you a lot of money, but can also be confusing, if you fail to use all options available to you.

Car shipping Seattle to any part of the world should be easier and safe with the following tips:

Wash Your Car and inspect it

Washing your car and checking it for dents and scratches is the first thing you must do before sending your car for shipping. Look out for any crack in the mirrors and windshield and also check your car mileage.

You will get an Original Inspection Report that contains this information to get prepared for shipping. It is this detail you will use as reference when you want to get delivery of your car at the depot.

Get Your Car Ready for Shipping

You need to get your car ready for shipping as it is will travel a very long distance and maybe in an open transport. If your car has any convertible, ensure the top is down and safe to prevent bugs, rain, or any other debris that may be flying about. Car shipping to wetter areas of Seattle can cause problem if you forget to put the top up.

On the other hand, buy waterproof car cover to protect your car if you have no top for your convertible and be sure that you strap it down firmly. In addition, empty out the trunk and do away with all the personal items you have in the vehicle as lightweight will give pleasure to the driver and taking out your items will help you.

Obtain Shipping Quotes and Map out Payment Options

Getting three to five quotes on the real car shipping Seattle is the next step towards preparing to ship your car to new location. Doing this will give you the opportunity of comparing rates from different car shipping companies in Seattle.

Discussing forms of payment with your shipping company is another crucial step you need to take immediately you hire a shipper. This will save you confusion and time in the long run.

Take Care of all Paperwork

Now that you have chosen a car shipping company Seattle, it is time to read their terms and conditions carefully and put the paperwork involved into consideration. Car shipping from Seattle to most destinations are always long and you want to rely on the company shipping your car. Don’t ever depend on a verbal promise, but make sure there are written agreement and binding contract the mover and you.

Taking Delivery of Your Car

The golden and first rule is that you should never take delivery of your car at night without an enough source of light. Don’t sign off a night delivery, no matter the explanation of the representative of the shipping company. This is because you will find it difficult to inspect the car for damage.

Refer to the initial or the original inspection sheet when comparing damage to ascertain whether or not it is the same or worse. Check the roof, the mileage, the two pumpers and the under carriage because they often get dinged up in the course of moving. Take your time inspecting your car for any damage because you will all right to claim damages, once you accept the delivery.

If you notice any damage, note or remark it on the inspection sheet and get your drivers signature and get in touch with the car shipping company Seattle immediately to make good of the damage.

Wrap Up

The process of shipping a car from Seattle to any part of the world can be an easy task for you once you understand the tips and tricks involved. Car shipping Seattle will not only transport your vehicle with ease and without complications, they will also advise you on the shipment method that will suit your need.

In addition, the above tips for Seattle car transport will guarantee you a wonderful experience, offer you value for your hard earned dollars and save you time and headache in the process.


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